Roadside Spring


People have been coming for years to our spring to get pristine spring water. The Ohio EPA tested the water in 1997 and found no MCL (Major Contamination Limits) were exceeded and the government issued us a bottle water license to sell spring water. In 2004 the government changed their mind and issued us a public water license. In 2008 the government changed their mind again and said that although there was nothing wrong with the water, roadside springs could not be licensed for human consumption. So we now sell our spring water with the disclaimer”Roadside springs cannot be licensed for human consumption.” We still filter the spring water with a 1 micron absolute rated filter and purify it with an ultraviolet light like we have since 1998 when we opened. The government said they will give us another bottle water license, but only if we bottle the water for you, instead of letting you fill your own jugs. This we can never do for all bottle water must use ozone to disinfect the bottle and ozone adds disinfection byproducts to the water that are not regulated. Our water would no longer be pristine, and you can rest assured it always will be. Our promise to you has been and will always be “Water you can Trust”.

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